What does it mean to export today?

There’s no self-sufficient Nation in the world.
Countries have to exchange goods and services to survive, remain competitive and thrive.

International Trade is then a necessity for any Nation and this need creates big growth opportunities for companies.

International Trade keeps growing

Over the last 10 years, the volume of goods exchange has continued growing (except for 2009).

Merchandise trade among World Trade Organization members has grown from about $12 trillion up to almost $15.5 trillion.


If you want to download the full WTO report, click here.


Trading on a global scale is a great opportunity but there’s no room for improvisation

This is true, indeed!

It’s necessary to know the markets, elaborate a clear strategy and define export sales tactics which allow the company to increase their sales volumes and guarantee enough marginality.

If you don’t have internal competences to develop an Export Business Plan, it’s appropriate to hire a sales professional specialized in International Trade.

In a world of interconnected markets, acting globally is no more solely for Large Enterprises.

If they want to survive and flourish, also Small and Medium Enterprises have to act on an International scale.